Bodies and Figures
 Fall 2016
 Instructors:Curime Batliner, Jake Newsum

This project aimed at moving  within weeks from basic paper models and drawings to building a three dimensional facade system using industrial robots in the process. By applying basic tesselation techniques and moving from a system of one repeating member to complex assemblages consisting of an seemingly infinite amount of members with varioius degrees of variation. The final exhibition  included drawings, 2d and 3d models. 

Inspired by the work of M.C Escher we worked first trough two dimensional tessellations and discovered how to generate and organize a system trough repetion and transformation of a set number of members.

Then we built on these techniques to create variation within this system. Moving into the third dimensions the project embraced machine logics and material behaviour as informing agents in the design and fabrication process.

Via applying the technique of robotic incremental sheetforming and concrete casting, we aimed at materialize the richness of variation in form and texture of M.C Eschers drawings translated into architectural scale.
Becoming proficient in taking basic surface tesselations and patterns from sketchboard to the production of complex assemblages. In the process learning essential grasshopper skills , as well feel confortable using an industrial robot and its constraints as tool in design process was necessary.

While these skills were desirable the goal of this was to  surpass the state of pure aquisition of artistic and techinical skill and feel prepared for the future projects to start using these tools and modes of working as a means to explore ideas which might feel unrelated to the particular techniques of this project.

credit:Johan Wijesinghe,Zihua Cheng

2017 Shabnam Moravveji