Crowns do queer things to the heads beneath them‹


Rooftop Extension Project in Culver City

The project was a rooftop extention on top of a parking lot with six series of existing coloumns on the roof located in an exeptional rehabilitated site that contains several amazing structures adjacent to the project.

In order to reach the rooftop, one should experiance and pass all these diverse visual and spacial moments,Therefore we decided to devide the path from main street to the roof to several parts with transition points from one visual frame to another and compress these images and create a mass that has the original genes of its own unordinary neighbours.


Then six symbolic walls sitting on the existing coloumns of the roof and a ramp equal to the original path passing through the walls and continues to the main entrance.

The galleries , film studios ,offices, rooftop restaurant and big theatre are the main spaces in this rootop building.

Credit:Bahar Tabatabaie,Sally Alshikh

Advisor:Eric owen Moss

2017 Shabnam Moravveji

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