A tower is the answer,build it high,build it strong,steps reaching the

highest heaven,never reaching high enough

Tower of Babel

Building a tower

The projet was about defining a unique approach in making a tower,At first We chose an inspiring kind of towers and according to what we have been inspired of,Then through this project's constraints  we developed our own speciic typology

of a tower which  supposed to be outstanding, complex and to some extent unusual and impressive.

Meanwhile we must have dealt with a very sophisticated real site plan,that had a lot of serious constraints.In addition to its small size,located in a narrow street, the adjacency to an old short building and a cactus tower made the whole design problematic.

Our definition of tower was innovative and  in paraodox of conventional towers, firstly,instead of rising up from the ground ,we chose a novel version of ground in the underground, in order to accommodate with the existing adjacent building's height and respect the visual proportion in the neighborhood.

Secondly, inspired by ancient Zigourats,the eldest archetype of tower trying to imitate the form of mountains, we decided to create a steped like amphitheater which connects two different level of ground and roof of the existing building together.

Moreover the concept  acousticly can perform execelent under the ground,The complexity of structure in additon to functionality of its unusual form made this project exeptional.

Credit:Bahar Tabatabaie,Sally Alshikh

Advisor:Eric owen Moss

19 X 13-3
19 X 13-3
RENER -2 11X11
RENER -2 11X11
RENER -1  11X11
RENER -1 11X11