A new type of prosthetic for dancers 

Instructor: Herwig Baumgartner
T.A: Garrett Santo
School: Sci-Arc

Re-evaluating the relationship between ornament and structure, the project looks at ways to reverse this relationship. Transparent lace patterns which are traditionally ornamental, becomes structural as the material uses techniques of soft bundling and transitional nodes.

Prosthetic for ballerinas 

En Pointe looks at the evolution of prosthetics through discovering new ways of touching the ground, and particularly design aims to enhance the traditional ballet movement en-pointe.

Furthermore The project was an attempt to inverse the way we read structure and surface in the traditional prosthetic's design ,Via thin transparent plastic lacing pattern (which traditionally should be ornamental ) starting to morph into a hybrid of structure and aesthical qualities ,

Also the conventionall structure (usually metal) , now becoming just a provider of required rigidity at main junctions (such as the attaching to the amputee of the touching the ground )but is essentially held together by our semi structural semi aesthetic lattice structure.

The design was sensitive to the  idea of visibility , where we imagine our thinner more transparent strands while proving more structure seems to dissapear and feel suspended as we observe it  from distance, an observer would just recognize the metal/form structural parts no the lace cossion,This  duality of variant micro and macro view of the design

is a unique quality in designing prosthetic.

This design is  dealing with the fact of creating  beautiful object along with being effortlessly functional such that he person wearing it would be proud to show it off instead of trying to hide it .

en pointé

2017 Shabnam Moravveji