Two modalities and Cloning

Project starts with Laruelleian non-correlationism and the

concept of proxies and cloning

The project focuses on the relations between the prototype and the

representation, between the physical and the digital

As seen in Ancient Greek Sculpture, the form of the horse head operates as a prototype

trying to mimic the power and stability of the real horse. he artists, rater than attempting

to mimic and reproduce successful examples that previous cratsmen created, rather

adapt the work to current sensibilities

he machine vision of the prototype and the new way of understanding the prototype

as a combination of diferent parts is the main subject of the project. hrough advance

technics of representation , the prototype is represented by its own image which has its

own authentic and unique characteristics, introducing a new kind of prototype. In this

situtation the image of the initial object become new object relecting some properties of

the “one” but the same time having their own ontologies in spatial representation

he projection of the image of a marble horse head of Parthenon on a piece of marble

introduces a novel approch in percieving a well known artifact. he variety of the new

representational images of the piece introduce new relations between the parts both

from a spatial point of view and a new investigations in materiality through

shadow and light

Instructor:Peter Testa

Credit:Arsenios Z,Hsiao Chiao Peng,Zihua Cheng,Daniel Horowitz

Fall 2 0 1 7